20 Most Inspiring Authors in the World:

There are many authors out there who are capable to catch your attention simply by the magic of their words or their inspirational writings because they have that spark in their writing which lit fire of inspiration/motivation in you, can challenge our ideas/thoughts of who we are, encourage our plans to put them in action but above all inspires us to audaciously explores every aspect of our lives and to live it fully while adding some more creativity towards life.

Many people have specific taste in reading but it’s not that bad to expand your horizon and add some more to list of your favorite authors. Here we are listing twenty of the most Inspiring Authors in the world who are capable to shake us awake, knows very well how to make big catchy statements using small sentences, know well how to take a story and when to slow it down, Knows well when to move you when the chances of suspecting are less. So in short these are the writers who have power of well-constructed sentence with touch of truth and fearlessness in writing.


1. Khalil Gibran:


Khalil Gibran is a person who is highly known in English-speaking world for his notable work, his 1923 book ‘The Prophet’ is an example of inspirational writing containing a set of philosophical essays written in poetic English prose. It is one of the best & most popular inspirational and spiritual book of all time. Khalil Gibran is the third best- selling writer after Shakespeare and Laozi.

2. Caroline Myss:


Caroline Myss Is an American Author well known for her numerous books. Her five books are New York Times Best Sellers. ‘Anatomy of the Spirit’ is one of the Best New York Times Best Seller. Her writing has a kind of magical and spiritual grace with a touch of kindness, gratitude compassion and empowerment.

3. Napoleon Hill:


Napoleon Hill an earliest producer of personal-success literature and widely known as one of the great writers on success. One of the best-selling book of all time is ‘Think and Grow Rich’ quite an amazing book and first one in the genre of Inspirational and Self-Help. His basic writing emphasize on power of personal beliefs and how they are important in your personal success.

4. Paulo Coelho:


Brazilian Author Paulo Coelho one of the widely read author today in world. He has received many international awards and also Crystal Award by the World Economic Forum. He has penned many books amongst them The Alchemist, an inspirational allegorical bestselling classic that projected Coelho and his work in limelight.

5. Mitch David Albom:


Mitchell (Mitch) David Albom is a bestselling author of America. Best known worldwide for his inspirational stories and themes, waves through his books. There are many unforgettable books from Mitch Albom ‘Tuesdays with Morrie’ is such a life affirming, amazing nonfiction novel. This inspirational book is basically conversation between an old and a young man to Morrie’s thoughts and philosophy of life, make you realize that what is important in life and gives whole new ideology and perspective for daily events.

6. Gary Zukav:


Gary Zukav is a spiritual teacher and author with four consecutive bestsellers of New York Times and also achieved U.S. National Book Award for his book ‘The Dancing Wu Li Masters’. His other amazing book ‘The Seat of the Soul’ depicts transformation in our daily life while claiming authentic power within. This book surely opens a new way to see life.

7. Viktor Frankl:


Victor Frankl is one of the key figures in existential therapy and main source of inspiration for humanistic psychologists. His one of the best-selling Inspirational book is ‘Man’s Search for Meaning’ chronicles the experiences of Frankl when he was inmate at Auschwitz concentration camp during the Second World War. Despite all the sufferings, Frankl in his book shares lessons to live for spiritual survival. Its such a remarkable work and quite an influential book.

8. Daniel Jay Millman:


Dan Millman is an American Author and lecturer in field of Self-help. He penned many books but his best-seller book ‘The Way of the Peaceful Warrior’ which provides insights and inspiration to live life like a peaceful warrior.

9. Norman Vincent Peale:


Norman Vincent Peale is a progenitor of ‘Positive Thinking’. His notable work is ‘The Power of Positive Thinking’ an inspirational book which is written by champion of positive thinking and spark a whole new philosophy of self-help. His ‘think positive’ teachings helped many people to change their live and live it in a better way.

10. Andy Andrews:


Andy Andrews an American author known for his best-selling books ‘The Traveler’s Gift’, ‘The Noticer’ & ‘How do you kill 11 million People?’ and then appeared on Best Seller List of New York Times. His books are full of wisdom that inspires you with a whole new perspective to live your life happily and ways to help others and how to cope with events of daily life.

11. Louise Hay:


Louise Hay is an American motivational author. She is internationally known for his remarkable book ‘You can Heal Your Life’, a kind of book which you always want to read again &again. It has many powerful inspirational information with story of author’s life that how she won battle of her life against cancer. This book gives you a complete insight of how to heal your life physically and emotionally.

12. Nick Vujicic:


Nicholas James “Nick” Vujicic is an Australian motivational speaker born with a syndrome ‘Tetra- Amelia’. He struggled mentally, physically and emotionally against his disability with a strong believe that surely motivates anyone that GOD is definitely big enough to overcome any disability. He is also known for his book ‘life without limits’ in which he tells story of his life becoming a role model for those who are seeking to live an inspiring, happy and incredible life, teaching them how to control what you have in your life rather wasting time on what you don’t have just like Nick.

13. Susan Jeffers:


Susan an American author and psychologist. She is highly known for his book ‘Feel the Fear and do it Anyway’, Acclaimed as Best-Seller at International level. This book motivates you to face your biggest fear by encouraging you to do it anyway, as it’s a self-help literature.

14. Anthony Robbins:


Anthony ‘Tony’ Robbins is an American Motivational Speaker, Life coach and self-help Author. He is best known for his books ‘Unlimited Power’ & ‘Awaken the Giant Within’ both books inspires you with an approach of self-help to overcome fears, enhancing relationships, and also expands your strategies of personal development.

15. Jim Rohn:


Jim Rohn was an American Motivational speaker, entrepreneur and author. He is best known for his book ‘The Art of Exceptional Living’ such a splendid stuff which teaches you to make your life a work of art that how you can do simple things well and it’s not important to be a super achiever for an exceptional life.

16. Nelson Mandela:


Nelson Mandela former South African President is also author of remarkable book ‘Long Walk to Freedom’ autobiography of his life which includes all incidents of those 27 years spent in prison under apartheid regime. This inspirational book Nelson’s is incredible simply powerful and amazing reading.

17. Maya Angelou:


African-American Author and Poet Maya Angelou penned many autobiographies, essays, poems but best known for her series of seven autobiographies depicting her childhood and adult experiences. Her first autobiography ‘I Know Why the Caged Birds Sings’ acclaimed international recognition, focusing on her life till age of seventeen. This book takes you to utter darkness but also gives reader powerful sense of hope. Nobody is going to fail from getting inspiration by the life of Maya Angelou.

18. Jeannette Walls:


Jeannette Walls American Journalist and Author best known for her book ‘The Glass Castle’ autobiography of nomadic family life of her childhood depicting all details of joys and struggles of her childhood by offering you a look into her life and inspires you to learn something from it. Her book stayed on best-seller list of New York Times for about 100 weeks.


19. Dr. Wayne Dyer:


Wayne Walter Dyer is American Motivational speaker and self-help author best known for his book ‘Change your Thoughts-Change your Life’. This book will surely change your thoughts, the way you look at your life and even you’ll feel blessed in your daily life. When you’ll read this book you’ll feel that writer is with you guiding you about every step of your life.


20. Anne Tyler:


American Novelist Anne Tyler best known for her three books ‘Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant’, ‘The Accidental Tourist’ and ‘Breathing Lessons’ these are the best books of second decade and also winner of Pulitzer Prize.

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