10 Top Tips for Developing Responsive Layouts:

Development of Responsive Layouts is increasingly important with the expectations of consumers that how websites response on smart phones, as they don’t want to slide or pinch screen to view site’s content and also don’t want to get any other pages to load when they are in middle of filling form or making any purchase on their mobile devices. Simply want a site to work on any kind of screen.
Now the point is, How can businesses develop their websites so that they can work across devices? If you want responsive web design, dynamic serving or totally a different and separate site for both mobile and desktop. Here we are sharing 10 tips to develop most responsive layouts.

1. A Search-Savvy:

It is very necessary that your site can be easily found on search engines as it effects where your site appears on ranking. Optimize your search ads strategy with mobile bidding. Design a creative copy especially for mobile and use all the best add formats that suits well on mobile.

2. Keep in Mind, Speed is King:

Users of smartphones wants information to load speedily. Google has also taken in consideration speed for search rankings which simply means it’s really important for boosting organic hits. Don’t stuff your homepage full of information and ignore usage of heavy images.

3. Know your Customers:

Get an understanding of how your customers are accessing your site and where drop-off points occur. For this use analytics tools and simply adapt your design and content accordingly.

4. Identify Functionality Mostly Required:

Make sure that most important action of your site is on front and center and works flawlessly. Like retailers may need best functionality for store locators, product search and shopping basket.

5. Don’t Cut, just Customise:

A smart phone user always wants to see same content available on a tablet or desktop computer instead of slimmed down version. So content should be cutomised just to ensure it is easily available and not overloaded onto homepage.

6. Facilitate Switching between Screens:

People should have facility to save content they like and can revisit it from another device. Like if user add a wishlist or shopping basket on smartphone, they are allowed to get back on it through tablet or desktop. This is a better and easy way for users and also makes their purchasing quite easy.

7. Ensure an Ideal &Touch Friendly Site:

Ensure layout of site should be responsive &suitable for mobile users so that they can view everything easily and don’t feel a need to pinch or zoom-in on screen.

8. Avoid Mouse-Overs:

Make sure to avoid mouse overs because people feel good while using this on desktops not on smartphones where people are using their thumbs.

9. Allow a Click-to-Call Button:

It definitely makes sense to provide call button at particular drop-off points on a customer conversion journey because smartphone users are inclined to make calls. So make sure these buttons are big and easy to click.

10. Simplify the Checkout:

Order form is the most important area to ensure customers make a purchase keeping this in mind it should be easy to use, as short as possible, save time by including default inputs and have good error design. Like if a customer need to input a phone number then number type pad should appear, as we know little things can make a big difference.

10 Best Online Shopping Sites to look for Exciting Deals and Coupons:

Online shopping is a life saver, as they not only just saves your time but also gives you a vast variety of items to look and select from, while staying comfortably at home. From this you can’t assume that you are not going to get any bargains and deals.

In-case of any particular occasion around the corner, every other person is asking for bargain when searching for a perfect gift with perfect saving. There are many websites, you like to purchase from but it is not that bad to look for some other websites offering you more exciting deals with super cool coupons to shop. Here we have listed 10 best online shopping sites to look for discount deals and coupons so that you can fulfill your complete online bargain- shopping needs.

1.    FatWallet:


FatWallet is a website that keeps you update on daily basis with latest price drops & deals from all websites and retailers all over. Coupons are not necessary for some featured deals, they are posted there because its new selling price is less than the original one. Start hunting for catchy deals and coupons now.

2.    Price Grabber:


If there is any special occasion around the corner and you are bit confused to select anything perfect then without wasting any other second start screening through pages of Price Grabber. For your ease this site is organized categorically with wide range of subcategories, so you can select the gift or anything of your choice. Another plus point to prefer this site for online shopping is that it compares prices of same item with many other retailers online making it possible for you to buy every item at its lowest price. Also have a page to cover all deals of UK.

3.    Woot:


This popular site of US features Tech, Various gadgets necessary for your daily life, home equipment’s, Cappuccino machines, Robot vacuum cleaners to Laptops, Simply covering all items you need in quite discounted prices.

4.    OzBargain:


Australian based website provides platform to their members for frequent forum posts. Main reason to prefer this site is that here you’ll find specific featured IOS/Android app catchy best deals highly rated by members. Also have deals other than Australia with free shipping.

5.    RetailMeNot:


RetailMeNot is a website that assists you with coupon codes. These coupon help you to shop online and also you can check discount prices by entering coupons code in system even before making payment for your product.

6.    Slickdeals:


Slickdeals is a best place to get deals, here members posts various deals and also discuss every deal comparing and mentioning every deal from different websites. Slickdeals basically provide deals on computer linked hardware’s, traveling and discounts on various clothing brands.

7.    Groupon:


One of the most popular site available in &outside of USA is Groupon. This site gets updated after every few dys and gives you a wide range of different discounted features to choose and shop from.

8.    HotUKDeals:


HotUKDeals is a site in UK where community of people share deals with other’s in UK. Here you’ll find hottest deals which are highly rated by community members then those deals are featured on main page. For those who are not in UK can find deals on Amazon and also have mobile apps for iOS  & Android.

9.    FreeShipping:


This site offers you to look and select better options. FreeShipping covers 4000 online stores and gives you wide range of categorized features. These categorized features are updated on daily basis. There are some featured coupon codes or sites which offers you free shipping.

10.    Deals2Buy:


The main focus of this website is mainly on technical gadgets like laptops, computers, Mp3 players and smartphone deals. First basic page of website is filled with all the latest discounts on popular brands of hardware tech. These deals are taken off from all the other websites and retailers online.