How it begins- Connecting Dots and Going in Flashback to View 37 ‘Big Sharks’ from the sea of tech

It inspires you to learn about all techs from start till now n leads you to action; (Connecting world) by catchy techs n captivating skills. To learn all about ‘Big Sharks’ from the sea of tech u have to dive in it. All the success of these ‘Big Sharks’ is because they were capable to predict logically what is going to happen in future. Specifically u can say that they were quite fortunate. They have heart to take risk and ensuring that risk in success by better judgment’ planning and analysis, which many of us wouldn’t dare. That’s why most of them today are enjoying the fruit of their efforts because they believed in themselves’ their dreams and they dare to put their stakes at risk.
Going in the flash back by having a look on stunning pictures of catchy ‘Big Sharks’. Sneaking in the past for getting an idea that what were they thinking when they were about to take such a huge step.

1.    Apple I collaboration of Steve jobs & Steve Wozniak:

Steve jobs & Steve wozniak started working on wooden box in 1975 in a cubicle at Hewlett Packard, and by their collaboration a handmade Apple Computer came in existence on April 1, 1976 and went on sale for $666.66 on May 1976. Wozniak said, “Steve Jobs saw it and found a way to turn it into money. … He understood electronics, but he never could create (them). He took the public role, while I did the engineering.”

1 apple i collaboration of steve

2.    1978, Steven Creek with his Apple II team:

Picture of Steven’s Creek office with his team of Apple II. A classic moment captured by the eye of camera in which jobs is seen arguing with Michael Scott (Company’s 1st President’ Second from right). Team is engulfed by the room full of Apple II computers.

2. 1978 steve

3.    Steve Jobs & Wozniak in 1980:

Woz said “I taught my-self…Back then there were no instructions, no mannuals”. He work like combining parts into little gadgets that became bigger gadgets (one of them was Apple II) while jobs just looked on them. Apple II first home 8-bit computer with commercial success and sold for $1,298.


4.    1981, Cupertino (Apple HQ):

Colorful logo that was created in 1977 and remained in use till August 1991 is clearly visible in front of Apple’s Cupertino office in 1981. Michael Scott 1st CEO of Apple company. Michael Scott first CEO of Apple Company loses his job in 1981 in result of making many employees jobless. Mike Markula took his position in July, 1981.


5.    Apple’s Team Lisa (1983):

The Lisa was a major project at Apple. They started developing ‘The Lisa’ in 1978, More than 90 people were employed on this project and cost used on its development was more than $50 million. Lisa was First personal GUI computer for individual business users. The Lisa was presented on Jan19, 1983 for US $9,995. Name of team (LISA) created hype, as it was referred to Jobs daughter. Since Steve Job first daughter (Lisa Nichole Bernnan) was born in 1978. Apple while presenting ‘The Lisa’ stated name of team as acronym of ‘Local Integrated System Architecture’. Later Job’s told name has personal association by saying this to his biographer ‘Walter Isaacson: “Obviously it was named for my daughter”.


6.    Launch of Apple IIc in 1984, by Co-founders of Apple:

Apple IIc was released during the event of ‘Apple II-Forever’ on April 24, 1984. It was the 4th computer in personal series representing the style of ‘Snow White Design’ displaying unique off-white color known as ‘Fog’ and was the first Portable computer but not truly as it lacks in display & built-in battery resulting by weighing in 7.5Ib (3.4kg).

7.    Interview by Fortune Magazine at Job’s Palo Alto Home, 1991:

Future Magazine requested a discussion with Bill Gates & Steve Job’s to discuss the future of PC’s. They both get along well as Gate’s offer his services to Job’s by providing software for Apple II.

8.    1996, Jobs and Gill Amelio together at Apple Town Hall:

Gill Amelio and Steve Jobs were together at Apple Town Hall as Amelio welcoming Job’s for rejoining Apple Company. The picture of both Amelio and Job’s was taken by ‘Tim Holmes’ captured by ‘Quick Take Camera’ of Apple that was later ‘Discontinued’ by Job’s himself, as distorted color of Job’s Jacket shown as purple in the picture was actually black.

9.    1975, Co-Founders of Microsoft:

Bill Gates left Harvard in 1975 and started a company ’Microsoft’ with his childhood friend Paul Allen inspiring him with his logical planned strategy that’s why company today is well acknowledged. They both became Co-Founder of world largest and best personal Computer Software Company.

10.    First Incredible 11 Members of Microsoft (1978):

Microsoft completed its first million dollar sale in December, 1978. This first lucky team consisted of 11 incredible members who are visibly happy to achieve such a giant success under the banner of Microsoft Company by following captivating strategies of their Co-Founders (Bill Gates& Paul Allen).

11.    Steve Ballmer Joining Microsoft on June11, 1980:

Steve Ballmer joined Microsoft on June11, 1980. He was the first ‘Business Manager’ who was directly hired by Gate’s and became 30th employee of Microsoft Corporation. He served a company with his loyal services for 33 years and became “CEO’ at Microsoft Corporation on January 2000, till Feb, 2014. As he retired as a CEO of world largest company on 4 Feb, 2014.

12.    1st July, 1981 from Microsoft Company to Microsoft Corporation:

Co-founders of Microsoft standing in a field fully packed by PC’s. They licensed MS-DOS to IBM sealing deal by retaining full control over the software. Microsoft Company founded partnership and officially became corporation of Washington State on 1st July, 1981.

13.    Bill Gates introducing Windows in 1983:

Bill Gates first presented windows 1.0 to public on November 10th, 1983. Windows 1.0 failed to get a ground in market as it was buggy’ unstable’ slow and wasn’t very popular as a GUI and Gates described this while introducing it in market as “Unique Software designed for Serious PC users”.

14.    1985, Bill Gates facing a lawsuit by Apple Company:

In 1985 Bill Gates was facing a lawsuit by Apple Company. Microsoft officially introduced Windows, the introduction was threatened and charges were pressed by lawyers of Apple Company. They claim that Microsoft stole their trading secrets. Their new release ’Windows’ infringed at Apple copyrights. Bill gates seemed quite relaxed. He faced this lawsuit quite logically by threatening Apple Company to discontinue his software ‘Microsoft Office’ for ‘Macintosh’ if they didn’t license ‘Macintosh GUI’ to use in ‘Windows OS’. Apple Company agreed and signed the license.

15.    1987, Bill Gates with Microsoft 2.0:

Microsoft windows was released on December 9, 1987. The very first version of Microsoft Word & Excel worked on windows 2.0, as it also allowed overlapping but didn’t pass 1 megabyte mark in terms of memory due to its dependency on DOS system. It was initially sold for $100.00.

16.    Launching of Windows 3.0 (1990):

Windows 3.0 with graphical environment was launched by Microsoft on May 22, 1990. A very successful version of rival windows to Apple Macintosh, as three million copies were sold on the very first year of its launch.

17.    1995, Bill Gates presenting Microsoft Windows’95:

Microsoft Launched ‘Windows 95’ with extensive marketing Campaign. The launch was a record-setter, as over a million copies were sold in just four days making Microsoft to shine with its full glory, Bill Gates a remarkable icon of inspiration and richest man in world. Windows 95 was clearly a great success with functions that made Windows 95 to run more complex task & programs by supporting 32 bit application & Pre-emptive multitasking and less dependent on MS-DOS.

18.    1982, Co-Founders of Adobe Systems:

Charles Geschke and John Warnock established a company Adobe Systems Inc. They establishment was research based, as Warnock joined as a ‘Graphic Research’ in at Xerox new Graphic & Imaging lab. Head of the lab was Geschke. They both created Post-Script Computer language. Xerox was not interested in this new research of a language (Post-Script when conveyed to printers how electronic characters, lines and digital images appear on paper), so they together resigned and formed ‘Adobe Systems’ on Feb 1982.

19.    1985, Steve Jobs with the Co-Founders of Adobe:

Steve Job’s met with Charles Geschke and John Warnock (Co-Founders of Adobe) three months after the start of Adobe Systems. Job’s saw their research and liked it for their Laser Writer Printer and made Apple to sign a contract in which Apple licensed Post-Script to use in Lase writer Printer. Apple also invested $2.5 million in Adobe. Adobe got his first contract as they helped Apple to build their first laser writer printer leading this to a revolution of Desktop Publishing.

20.    Founders of Intel with their First Hire, 1978:

Intel was founded by Robert Noyce & Gordon Moore also known as the pioneers of semiconductors, In Association with capable leadership & vision of Andrew Groove, as he was the first hire of Intel. Moore, Noyce & Groove worked together at Fairchild Semiconductor, both Noyce & Groove left Fairchild Semiconductors and founded Intel (Integrated Electronics) soon after, Groove also joined them. These three together took Intel to new heights by, leading its business from Microchips to Microprocessors and providing their services throughout the world.

21.    IBM’s President& Chairman with IBM 360 Computer:

(IBM)International Business Machine Corporation a Multinational Technology & Consulting Corporation. A company who helped NASA by providing solution to their requested services and also made a record for generating patents for 20 years. IBM’s CEO Thomas Watson Jr. & President Thomas Vincent Learson standing with IBM computer 360, a family designed in a way that cover whole range of applications (small to large) and can be used for both scientific & commercial purposes.

22.    1961, IBM presenting its 7090 Computer:

IBM 7090 fully transistorized Second Generation Computer, Third member of IBM 700 series and also known as 709-T due to its transistors. It was designed specifically for scientific purpose with fast computing speed to fulfill needs of engineers and scientists, as two IBM 7090 were used by NASA during its Project Mercury and at NASA Ames research center. It was sold for $2.9 million.

23.    Co-Founders of Hewlett-Packard Company (1963):

Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard founded a company known as ‘Hewlett-Packard’ (HP) on Januaruy1, 1939 at small one car garage in Palo Alto and now it’s one of the world top leading manufacturers of PC. Here both Bill &Dave standing at their manufacturing area surrounding by their products. HP provided services not only to a large business sector but also to small business sector. They started with large variety of electronics but later in 1960’s just sticking to work more on Computing Hardware and Software.

24.    1930’s Head Quarter of Samsung:

Samsung was founded by Lee Byung- Chull in 1938, HQ of Samsung was in Samsung Town-Seoul. Company was indulged in various businesses for over three decades, starting from food processing then to textile, insurance, retail and later in 1960’s just focusing on the field of electronics by giving remarkable increase in income. Samsung particularly known for dealing in mobile phones and semiconductors making a strong ground in this industry.

25.    The Founder of Samsung, Lee Byung- Chull (1976):

Lee Byung- Chull with his son listening quite attentively to their employee giving instructions on functions of Computer System. Lee Byung- Chull was present during every interview for new hiring from 1957-1986(In total 100,000 interviews were taken in his presence) while company’s other matters were handled by his descendants, as Lee Byung- Chull died on 1987, leaving company to his son Lee Kun- Hee. After the death of Lee Byung- Chull Samsung Group splits into Shinsegae Group, CJ Group, and Hansol Group.

26.    Samsung presenting their TV, 1978:

First Broadcast took place in Korea in 1963, as TV programs were not available till early 1970s. Samsung developed their first black & white TV. Korean Consumers quite happily embraced this technology, giving Samsung Company a reason to produce over a million black & white TV for market of Korea by 1976. Later in 1977, Samsung started to export color TV in Asia and by, 1978 Company produced more than 4 million TV’s due to the increased demand of Samsung TV throughout Asian Market as well as in whole world leading Samsung outshine in the industry of TV Technology.

27.    Founders of Oracle Celebrating Oracle’s First Anniversary-1978:

Oracle one of the multi-billionaire empire which makes world’s biggest database and second leading software company after Microsoft. Co-founders of Oracle Larry Ellison CEO of Oracle holding a record of longest and strongest CEO in history of technology, ED Oates Project Manager of Oracle and Bob Miner architect of oracle (quite a loss to oracle and industry of technology as he died at age of 52 due to lung cancer in 1993). Bruce Scott first employee of Oracle worked as co-architect, together they all celebrating first anniversary of Oracle.

28.    Michael Dell youngest CEO of Dell, 1987:

Michael started trading PC when he was just a student, working at his dorm room with a capital of just $1,000. Eventually dropping out from university and formed a company under the name of ‘PC’s limited’ His aim was to sell PC compatible to IBM PC’s and believed that company could better understand the needs of their users with directly approaching them. In 1985, Company grossed above than $73 million due to extensive sale of their first significantly designed PC named as Turbo PC. In 1987, Michael Dell decided by going publically &changing name of his company PC’s Limited. To ‘Dell Computer Corporation’ as it sounds more professional. Company later in 1992 was ranked among other 500 companies in Fortune Magazine and Michael Dell as youngest CEO at age of 19.

29.    1998, Origination of Google:

Co-Founders of Google Larry Page & Sergey Brin started working on a research project in January, 1996 at Stanford University in Stanford California, where they both were PhD students. They started their research Project naming it ‘Back Rub’ purely based on its working strategy.  Back Rub’s strategy based on functionality of ‘Page Rank’ a technique capable of retrieving data appropriate to user’s need by analyzing number & Importance of pages that linked them all back to original site thus making this search engine to stand differently while other search engines ranked just by counting number of results for a search term appeared on page. Later, Back Rub was changed into Google misspell of a word ‘Googol’. Google originated in Stanford as it ran under its website with domains and Domain name Google was registered on September 15, 1997 and company was formed on September 4, 1998.

30.    Google first HQ California, 1999:

Google’s Co-Founder & CEO Larry page & Co-Founder Sergey Brin together at first HQ of company at Menlo Park, California just before moving out to Palo Alto due to the rapid growth of ‘Google Company’. Google Company when formed & got registered shifted to this garage based office in Menlo Park which belonged to one of their friend.

31.    Google with their First Team at Palo Alto California, 1999:

Google started slowly and gradually became world’s most powerful Tech & Media Company. If you dig in past you’ll feel quite overwhelmed with their each and every thing from research to strategies and even their dedication towards their work. Here standing all members from very first team of Google outside company’s 1st Palo Alto Office.  They all are quite happy on rapid growth & success of their company. The Banner with company’s name was hung by Marissa Mayer & Paul Buchheit. Some of the employee’s wearing T-shirts with the logo of Google on it representing their proud association with their Company.

32.    1999, Marissa Mayer- First Female Engineer to Join Google:

Marissa Mayer first female to join Google as Engineer and became 20th employee. She remained with Google for about 13 years and left when she was vice president of Local services & maps and joined Yahoo and on July 16, 2012 was appointed as CEO& President of Yahoo. Mayer was listed as American’s Most Powerful businesswomen by Fortune Magazine and also have honor to be ranked in the list of world’s 100 most powerful businesswomen by Forbes Magazine.

33.    Founding of Yahoo in 1994:

Jerry Yang & David Filo founded yahoo in January, 1994 when they both were graduating from Stanford University as Electrical Engineer and they together formed a website named as ‘Jerry’s Guide to The World Wide Web’ organized hierarchically to a searchable index of pages. In March, 1994 name of ‘Jerry’s Guide to the world wide web’ changed into YAHOO (Yet another Hierarchical Officious Oracle) and the domain ‘’ was created on January 18, 1995 and Company was formed on March 1, 1995. Yahoo a globally known search engine, yahoo search & web portal providing many other services to its users. Company proudly claims to catch the attention of more than a half billion consumers every month in more than 30 languages. Microsoft Corporation made an uninvited bid of US$44.6 billion to Yahoo in February 2008, which they declined by saying Microsoft underestimated their capability and was proved after three years as Yahoo had market capitalization of US$22.24 billion.

34.    1994, Founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos:

Jeff Bezos a technology entrepreneur and investor of America who founded Amazon in 1994 after learning importance of internet rapid growth and leaving his well-paying job. Bezos started making strategies for his business keeping in mind every single detail of business and forming a set-up of in his garage. A year later company started selling books remarkably playing a key role in rapid growth of e-commerce and became largest retailer on World Wide Web & quite an inspirational model for Internet sales. Forbes Magazine stated Amazon shares jumped to 55% in 2011, making quite an increase of $6.5 billion to Bezos net worth.

35.    1998, Founder of eBay with its CEO:

Pierre Omidyar French born American- Iranian founded a company ‘eBay’ in 1995, now a known company of America. A Multinational Company with multibillion dollar business operating in thirty countries. EBay is Internet Consumer-to-Consumer Corporation giving people/ businesses an easy access to buy or sell a broad variety of goods worldwide. After going publically in 1998 eBay grew more and considered as one of the most successful internet startups in market by revenue, growth, capital and even forming quite a cultural impact. eBay later bought Skype & PayPal and out shined with its market capitalization of $69 billion in January 2014.

36.    2004, Co-Founders of Facebook:

Facebook founded by Mark Zukerberg with his college roommates and with his fellow University students Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz & Chris Hughes. Facebook starts with a limited website membership to Harvard students then gradually allowing to students from various universities to high school students and to every one aged 13 and over. They started it as a company and later a vision to connect world together, By January 2014, Facebook’s market capitalization raised to $134 billion while having 1.23 billion users every month with activation on website.

37.    2005, Founders of YouTube:

A video sharing website was founded by three former employees Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, Jawed karim of PayPal in February 2005. A year later in November 2006, Google bought YouTube for US$1.65 billion and now operates YouTube as Google subsidiary and gaining over a million members of YouTube Partner program.

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