Mobile Phones- Another Gateway to the Magical World of Technology:

Mobile phones are such communication devices that are capable to access cellular radio system without a connection to any physical network covering wide range of areas. Mobile phones now hold quite important place in our lives. They are Famous &Popular due to their easy accessible range, far better design with latest smart and unique technologies. Earlier Mobile phones didn’t look like this, there design, technology was quite different and wasn’t easily accessible.
Let’s dig deep in past to know all about evolution of mobile phones. How this technology got so much popularity? How expensive, heavy designed mobile phones changed into one which are quite smart, cheap with unique and better specifications. It’s all about the rapid change in history of mobile phones, changing of heavy huge mobiles into catchy smartphones we are using now. We’ll get an over view all from the evolution of vintage cellular radio technology to the Modern Mobile Computing technology.

1.    1956, Mobile Telephone System:


In 1930’s travelers can make phone calls from ocean liners just to the mid of Atlantic Ocean and process was carried by Marine VHF radio which was quite expensive in use later in 1956, first automated mobile phone was made for vehicles in Sweden known as Mobile Telephone System A(MTA). By using this now calls can received and made in cars with usage of public telephone network.

2.    1973, First Prototype Portable Radio Mobile Phones:


Martin Cooper a researcher in Motorola invented first Portable prototype radio cell phone on 3rd April 1973. It was the first cell phone to come in hands before they were attached to cars. This cell phone requires 10 hours to re-charge, provide only 30 minutes of talk time.

3.    1983, Evolution of Practical Mobile Phone:


In 1983, designers of Motorola designed Motorola Dyna TAC (Dynamic Total Area Coverage) turning their vision into practical mobile phones. Later FCC approved this heavy handy equipment which got popularity in media& public as ‘The Brick’ having 30 circuits inside.

4.    1986, Mobiles to keep in Pocket:


A company ‘Technophone’ was formed in 1984 by Nils Martensson a radio engineer. His dream was to change that brick type cell phone. He worked on that and designed a cell phone ‘Technophone EXCELL PC105T’ first phone to keep in pockets. Mobile was presented publically in 1986, and was sold for £1990.

5.    1989, Motorola Micro TAC:


Motorola released an analogue mobile phone ’Motorola Micro TAC’ on 25th April, 1989 which was smaller and light in weight with a feature of Flip-open mouth piece. This mobile phone became desire of every wealthy man and was sold for $3000.

6.    1992, First GSM Hand Portable Mobile:


Nokia presented their first GSM hand portable mobile (Nokia 1011) on 10th November, 1992. It was black in color with extendable antenna, monochrome display and holds 99 phone numbers in their memory.

7.    1993, First Mobiles with 1800 MHz:


In 1993 mobile phones were on actual move as they were featured with license of new cellular radio networks at 1800 MHz allowing other competitors to come in market. Motorola m3oo & Siemens m200 were the first low cost ordinary cell to operate more than 1 MHz to 1800 MHz and also as a bridge to roam across Atlantic Ocean.

8.    1994, Nokia 2100:


Nokia 2100 was the first Nokia phone with its own musical ring tone known as Nokia Tune. A change for Mobile phone industry and its users.

9.    1995, Mobile Phones becoming a Craze:


Mobile phones in 1995 were quite large with long antennas, a bit similar to cordless phones. If we compare them with the ones that are now in use they’ll look quite odd to.

10.    1996, Mobile Phones with Better& Modified design:


Mobile phones are now with better specifications, upgraded features and modified design. Nokia 9000 became quite popular due to its short antenna and better features, compared to the previous ones.

11.    1997, Mobile Phones without Antennas:


In 1997 Telco AT&T presented a mobile phone without antenna modifying its design and specifications. They introduced cells with internal antennas and improved display.

12.    1998, Cell Phones in Vibrant Colors:


In 1988, Nokia 5110 was launched in market in many vibrant colors, giving their users a choice to select a mobile of their favorite color other than black.

13.    1999, Mobile Phones with better Graphics:


Mobile phones with better graphics and internal antennas were launched in 1999, Nokia 3210 was more featured with compact look in different colors than other mobiles in market.

14.    2000, First Mobile with Touch Screen:


In 2000 Motorola presented world’s first mobile with black and white touch screen. It was just an opening to a new world of technology giving quite an easy access to better defined features. It immediately becomes desire of every mobile user.

15.    2001, First Monochromatic Display Cell Phone:


Nokia 8250 was launched in 2001 with a feature of different color display background other than the ordinary grey background. It was the first cell with monochromatic display.

16.    2002, Mobile Phones with Camera:


History of Mobile phone took quite a turn by taking an enhancing step towards technology. Nokia 7650 was first cell phone with camera and with full colors on display. It was a mobile with sliding mode and 0.3MP camera allow to capture picture of yours.

17.    2003, Mobile Phones without limitation of single screen:


In 2003 Samsung launched a mobile S300 without limitation of single screen. This mobile was designed in a way that it has a small screen outside on its cover to inform about coming text messages and calls with a big screen inside to perform other functions of cell and also you can send texts.

18.    2004, Slimmest Cell Phone :


Motorola presented Motorola V3 which was a quite slim phone with amazing looks& dual screen. It was definitely a classy cell of that time taking mobiles phones technology and design to a far better successful horizon.

19.    2005, First Walkman Phone:


Sony presented W800i in 2005, first Walkman phone of the world becoming a craze. It got quite popular because of its unique features, design and specially a great equipment to enjoy music any time with a supportive Memory stick.

20.    2006, Mobile Phones Becoming Stylish Gadgets:


In 2006, mobile phone designers started to design mobiles according to preferences of users. Mobile phone now becoming more stylish and representing the preference of its owner. LG Chocolate is a perfect example of mobile phone designer’s stylish way of working.

21.    2007, First Phone with Operating System:


In 2007, Apple Inc. presented their Apple iPhone. First smartphone in the world with Operating System with great applications and touch screen with better display. Cell phones becoming quite a common device to use whereas iPhone was desire of every wealthy person.

22.    2008, Mobile phones Running on Android OS:


In 2008, HTC launched HTC G1, a sliding cell phone with QWERTY keyboard under its screen running on Androids operating system. A mobile which you can also use for your official work.

23.    2009, Mobile Phones with Higher Resolution and Advance Features:


Motorola presented their Motorola Milestone in 2009, a touchscreen phone with better advance specifications, better display resolution& performance and runs on Android OS.

24.    2010, Backflip Mobile Phones:


Motorola designed Motorola Backflip mobiles giving their users an easy access to flip screen of their cell on back making them to do their work quite easily as they like. Surely it was a great change in history of Mobile Phones.

25.    2011, Mobile Phones with Web and Built-In GPS:


Samsung Galaxy S II a cell phone with all applications& features a user desires for. It runs on Android OS with calls and inner Built-In GPS, Web Browsing, Touch screen with catchy display and a phone with durable hardware.

26.    2012, Windows Mobile Phones:


In 2012, Nokia launched Nokia Lumia 800, running on Android OS with feature of windows7 inside. Mobile Phones technology took rapid change entering in a better and smart zone of technology and fulfilling requirements of its users.

27.    2013, Tablet a Mobile Computer:


Mobile phone designers now target tablets instead of smartphones or mobiles as tablets are a form of computer only without mouse and keyboard with all advance features of windows running on Androids OS with advance features installed. It allows its users to connect and roam whenever and wherever they want. Tablets have large touchscreen display with catchy graphics.

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