Software -An Important Tool To Easily Interact With Hardware of System& Its related Devices:

Software is a major tool for computer or devices related to them, as whole functionality of devices depends on the interaction of their hardware and software. Software and Hardware both are dependent on each other they actually can’t be used without the support of each other. A common term for different programs that operate computer and related devices. Software is non-tangible element of computer. Software or computer software can be called as computer programs. Computer Software consists of all computer programs except their architecture as it shares similar properties: software contains set of pre-defined instructions and on execution orders hardware to perform operations for which they are designed.
Software’s are of various types, helping many system& devices to perform and execute their operations on daily basis. We are going to have a look on some major types of software’s.

1.    System Software:

System software’s help hardware and computer system to perform their operations and execute them properly. System software’s are directly linked to Operating system, Device Drivers, Servers, Windowing System and Utilities. System software basically drives and abstract application programmer away from hardware, inner complexities of computer and memory. Operating System is a platform to execute higher-level programs. Operating system is a major and important type of System software. Hardware basically performs due to Firmware and BIOS.

2.    Application Software:

Application Software’s provide their end users a platform to perform various specific tasks, as they are also known as software package due to their this design and functionality. Application Software is categorized in further two major categories Custom-Built Software & Packaged Software. Custom-Built Application Software include Business, Databases and educational software’s as they are designed and built for specific person or organization while Packaged Software’s include various word processors  which are designed for specific tasks performed by users. Package software’s include many application software’s that’s why named as packaged software’s.

3.    Program Software:

Computer’s quite known and highly demanded software is Programming Software. These software’s are designed as tools to help computer programmers to write a computer program. Computer Programs are designed to perform specific tasks as their working depends on pre-defined set of logical instructions. Programmers define codes that instruct computer system to perform specific tasks with the help of tools consist of text editors, compilers, linkers and interpreters. Text Editors edits plain text taken from available software packages and OS for changing their configuration files and programming language source codes, Compilers translate programming language source code mostly in binary form as computers can easily understand this language, Linkers combine these objects of compilers in single executable program, Debuggers debug source code by ensuring &making them bug free and lastly Interpreters execute these instructions direct in programming language making them to perform their defined tasks.

4.    Malware:

Malware is a wide category of software which means any malicious software basically a threat to computer security. Some known malwares are Adware, Spyware, Computer Viruses, Worms, Trojan Horses and Scareware. Computer viruses can spread through one computer to another through network or internet so it’s a malicious program. Computer Worms are also a threat as they need a host program not just a program to spread. Torjans are capable of stealing information by replicating themselves. Spywares work like a spy, as it steals every little information of user without their knowledge& consent.

5.    Adware:

A software that allows computer to play and download Advertisements. Programmer’s basic purpose to design Adware is to generate revenue. This tool store information of user that which site user visits frequently and which sites or pages user mostly like to visit. Adware can easily tracks us due to the pop-ups that appears on screen as Advertisements. Adware is not a threat to computer security or privacy. They store information because they want to invite users to click on Advertisements.

6.    Inventory Management Software:

Software designed basically to help any organization to track and control quality and quantity of goods or materials generated. Inventory Management Software of Warehouses mainly focus in internal storage and movement of warehouses. Inventory Management Software plays a vital role in progress of any organization by managing production of inventories and optimizing flow of goods generated by company. Thus, leading company to organized and better customer service.

7.    Utility Software:

Utility Software basically manages application software and hardware of computer. They are also known as Service Routine. They are designed to perform limited small tasks. Disk Defragmenters, System Utilities and Virus scanners are some typical known examples of Utility Software.

8.    Data Backup & Recovery Software:

Recovery Perfect & Data Backup Software provide services & functionalities more than just copying of common simple data files. When user specify any data to be backed up this software supports user requirement by providing services accordingly. They preserves original data and when backup is required it simply grants permission to retrieve data.

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