Beauty of Pakistan

Beauty of Pakistan is un matched and Natural. Pakistan have world most beautiful and flavour of places for visit, specially at its best in northern areas of Pakistan, Kashmir and Swat regions. This part of the country is famous all around the world because of sky high mountains, lush green valleys, mighty rivers, beautiful lakes, and amazing views and sites. There are so many best camping sites in Pakistan where tourist can enjoy camping and hiking. The Paradise on Earth ‘Neelum Valley’ Mini Switzerland ‘Swat Valley’ and Mountain Kingdom ‘Hunza valley’ are the major tourist attractions in Pakistan. All these places are real natural-beauty of the earth. Here, below is a list of top 10 Best Natural Places to Visit in Pakistan. These naturally beautiful places of Pakistan, no one can found these beautiful places all over the world.

10 Top Tips for Developing Responsive Layouts:

Development of Responsive Layouts is increasingly important with the expectations of consumers that how websites response on smart phones, as they don’t want to slide or pinch screen to view site’s content and also don’t want to get any other pages to load when they are in middle of filling form or making any purchase on their mobile devices. Simply want a site to work on any kind of screen.
Now the point is, How can businesses develop their websites so that they can work across devices? If you want responsive web design, dynamic serving or totally a different and separate site for both mobile and desktop. Here we are sharing 10 tips to develop most responsive layouts.

1. A Search-Savvy:

It is very necessary that your site can be easily found on search engines as it effects where your site appears on ranking. Optimize your search ads strategy with mobile bidding. Design a creative copy especially for mobile and use all the best add formats that suits well on mobile.

2. Keep in Mind, Speed is King:

Users of smartphones wants information to load speedily. Google has also taken in consideration speed for search rankings which simply means it’s really important for boosting organic hits. Don’t stuff your homepage full of information and ignore usage of heavy images.

3. Know your Customers:

Get an understanding of how your customers are accessing your site and where drop-off points occur. For this use analytics tools and simply adapt your design and content accordingly.

4. Identify Functionality Mostly Required:

Make sure that most important action of your site is on front and center and works flawlessly. Like retailers may need best functionality for store locators, product search and shopping basket.

5. Don’t Cut, just Customise:

A smart phone user always wants to see same content available on a tablet or desktop computer instead of slimmed down version. So content should be cutomised just to ensure it is easily available and not overloaded onto homepage.

6. Facilitate Switching between Screens:

People should have facility to save content they like and can revisit it from another device. Like if user add a wishlist or shopping basket on smartphone, they are allowed to get back on it through tablet or desktop. This is a better and easy way for users and also makes their purchasing quite easy.

7. Ensure an Ideal &Touch Friendly Site:

Ensure layout of site should be responsive &suitable for mobile users so that they can view everything easily and don’t feel a need to pinch or zoom-in on screen.

8. Avoid Mouse-Overs:

Make sure to avoid mouse overs because people feel good while using this on desktops not on smartphones where people are using their thumbs.

9. Allow a Click-to-Call Button:

It definitely makes sense to provide call button at particular drop-off points on a customer conversion journey because smartphone users are inclined to make calls. So make sure these buttons are big and easy to click.

10. Simplify the Checkout:

Order form is the most important area to ensure customers make a purchase keeping this in mind it should be easy to use, as short as possible, save time by including default inputs and have good error design. Like if a customer need to input a phone number then number type pad should appear, as we know little things can make a big difference.

20 Most Inspiring Authors in the World:

There are many authors out there who are capable to catch your attention simply by the magic of their words or their inspirational writings because they have that spark in their writing which lit fire of inspiration/motivation in you, can challenge our ideas/thoughts of who we are, encourage our plans to put them in action but above all inspires us to audaciously explores every aspect of our lives and to live it fully while adding some more creativity towards life.

Many people have specific taste in reading but it’s not that bad to expand your horizon and add some more to list of your favorite authors. Here we are listing twenty of the most Inspiring Authors in the world who are capable to shake us awake, knows very well how to make big catchy statements using small sentences, know well how to take a story and when to slow it down, Knows well when to move you when the chances of suspecting are less. So in short these are the writers who have power of well-constructed sentence with touch of truth and fearlessness in writing.


1. Khalil Gibran:


Khalil Gibran is a person who is highly known in English-speaking world for his notable work, his 1923 book ‘The Prophet’ is an example of inspirational writing containing a set of philosophical essays written in poetic English prose. It is one of the best & most popular inspirational and spiritual book of all time. Khalil Gibran is the third best- selling writer after Shakespeare and Laozi.

2. Caroline Myss:


Caroline Myss Is an American Author well known for her numerous books. Her five books are New York Times Best Sellers. ‘Anatomy of the Spirit’ is one of the Best New York Times Best Seller. Her writing has a kind of magical and spiritual grace with a touch of kindness, gratitude compassion and empowerment.

3. Napoleon Hill:


Napoleon Hill an earliest producer of personal-success literature and widely known as one of the great writers on success. One of the best-selling book of all time is ‘Think and Grow Rich’ quite an amazing book and first one in the genre of Inspirational and Self-Help. His basic writing emphasize on power of personal beliefs and how they are important in your personal success.

4. Paulo Coelho:


Brazilian Author Paulo Coelho one of the widely read author today in world. He has received many international awards and also Crystal Award by the World Economic Forum. He has penned many books amongst them The Alchemist, an inspirational allegorical bestselling classic that projected Coelho and his work in limelight.

5. Mitch David Albom:


Mitchell (Mitch) David Albom is a bestselling author of America. Best known worldwide for his inspirational stories and themes, waves through his books. There are many unforgettable books from Mitch Albom ‘Tuesdays with Morrie’ is such a life affirming, amazing nonfiction novel. This inspirational book is basically conversation between an old and a young man to Morrie’s thoughts and philosophy of life, make you realize that what is important in life and gives whole new ideology and perspective for daily events.

6. Gary Zukav:


Gary Zukav is a spiritual teacher and author with four consecutive bestsellers of New York Times and also achieved U.S. National Book Award for his book ‘The Dancing Wu Li Masters’. His other amazing book ‘The Seat of the Soul’ depicts transformation in our daily life while claiming authentic power within. This book surely opens a new way to see life.

7. Viktor Frankl:


Victor Frankl is one of the key figures in existential therapy and main source of inspiration for humanistic psychologists. His one of the best-selling Inspirational book is ‘Man’s Search for Meaning’ chronicles the experiences of Frankl when he was inmate at Auschwitz concentration camp during the Second World War. Despite all the sufferings, Frankl in his book shares lessons to live for spiritual survival. Its such a remarkable work and quite an influential book.

8. Daniel Jay Millman:


Dan Millman is an American Author and lecturer in field of Self-help. He penned many books but his best-seller book ‘The Way of the Peaceful Warrior’ which provides insights and inspiration to live life like a peaceful warrior.

9. Norman Vincent Peale:


Norman Vincent Peale is a progenitor of ‘Positive Thinking’. His notable work is ‘The Power of Positive Thinking’ an inspirational book which is written by champion of positive thinking and spark a whole new philosophy of self-help. His ‘think positive’ teachings helped many people to change their live and live it in a better way.

10. Andy Andrews:


Andy Andrews an American author known for his best-selling books ‘The Traveler’s Gift’, ‘The Noticer’ & ‘How do you kill 11 million People?’ and then appeared on Best Seller List of New York Times. His books are full of wisdom that inspires you with a whole new perspective to live your life happily and ways to help others and how to cope with events of daily life.

11. Louise Hay:


Louise Hay is an American motivational author. She is internationally known for his remarkable book ‘You can Heal Your Life’, a kind of book which you always want to read again &again. It has many powerful inspirational information with story of author’s life that how she won battle of her life against cancer. This book gives you a complete insight of how to heal your life physically and emotionally.

12. Nick Vujicic:


Nicholas James “Nick” Vujicic is an Australian motivational speaker born with a syndrome ‘Tetra- Amelia’. He struggled mentally, physically and emotionally against his disability with a strong believe that surely motivates anyone that GOD is definitely big enough to overcome any disability. He is also known for his book ‘life without limits’ in which he tells story of his life becoming a role model for those who are seeking to live an inspiring, happy and incredible life, teaching them how to control what you have in your life rather wasting time on what you don’t have just like Nick.

13. Susan Jeffers:


Susan an American author and psychologist. She is highly known for his book ‘Feel the Fear and do it Anyway’, Acclaimed as Best-Seller at International level. This book motivates you to face your biggest fear by encouraging you to do it anyway, as it’s a self-help literature.

14. Anthony Robbins:


Anthony ‘Tony’ Robbins is an American Motivational Speaker, Life coach and self-help Author. He is best known for his books ‘Unlimited Power’ & ‘Awaken the Giant Within’ both books inspires you with an approach of self-help to overcome fears, enhancing relationships, and also expands your strategies of personal development.

15. Jim Rohn:


Jim Rohn was an American Motivational speaker, entrepreneur and author. He is best known for his book ‘The Art of Exceptional Living’ such a splendid stuff which teaches you to make your life a work of art that how you can do simple things well and it’s not important to be a super achiever for an exceptional life.

16. Nelson Mandela:


Nelson Mandela former South African President is also author of remarkable book ‘Long Walk to Freedom’ autobiography of his life which includes all incidents of those 27 years spent in prison under apartheid regime. This inspirational book Nelson’s is incredible simply powerful and amazing reading.

17. Maya Angelou:


African-American Author and Poet Maya Angelou penned many autobiographies, essays, poems but best known for her series of seven autobiographies depicting her childhood and adult experiences. Her first autobiography ‘I Know Why the Caged Birds Sings’ acclaimed international recognition, focusing on her life till age of seventeen. This book takes you to utter darkness but also gives reader powerful sense of hope. Nobody is going to fail from getting inspiration by the life of Maya Angelou.

18. Jeannette Walls:


Jeannette Walls American Journalist and Author best known for her book ‘The Glass Castle’ autobiography of nomadic family life of her childhood depicting all details of joys and struggles of her childhood by offering you a look into her life and inspires you to learn something from it. Her book stayed on best-seller list of New York Times for about 100 weeks.


19. Dr. Wayne Dyer:


Wayne Walter Dyer is American Motivational speaker and self-help author best known for his book ‘Change your Thoughts-Change your Life’. This book will surely change your thoughts, the way you look at your life and even you’ll feel blessed in your daily life. When you’ll read this book you’ll feel that writer is with you guiding you about every step of your life.


20. Anne Tyler:


American Novelist Anne Tyler best known for her three books ‘Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant’, ‘The Accidental Tourist’ and ‘Breathing Lessons’ these are the best books of second decade and also winner of Pulitzer Prize.

10 Best Online Shopping Sites to look for Exciting Deals and Coupons:

Online shopping is a life saver, as they not only just saves your time but also gives you a vast variety of items to look and select from, while staying comfortably at home. From this you can’t assume that you are not going to get any bargains and deals.

In-case of any particular occasion around the corner, every other person is asking for bargain when searching for a perfect gift with perfect saving. There are many websites, you like to purchase from but it is not that bad to look for some other websites offering you more exciting deals with super cool coupons to shop. Here we have listed 10 best online shopping sites to look for discount deals and coupons so that you can fulfill your complete online bargain- shopping needs.

1.    FatWallet:


FatWallet is a website that keeps you update on daily basis with latest price drops & deals from all websites and retailers all over. Coupons are not necessary for some featured deals, they are posted there because its new selling price is less than the original one. Start hunting for catchy deals and coupons now.

2.    Price Grabber:


If there is any special occasion around the corner and you are bit confused to select anything perfect then without wasting any other second start screening through pages of Price Grabber. For your ease this site is organized categorically with wide range of subcategories, so you can select the gift or anything of your choice. Another plus point to prefer this site for online shopping is that it compares prices of same item with many other retailers online making it possible for you to buy every item at its lowest price. Also have a page to cover all deals of UK.

3.    Woot:


This popular site of US features Tech, Various gadgets necessary for your daily life, home equipment’s, Cappuccino machines, Robot vacuum cleaners to Laptops, Simply covering all items you need in quite discounted prices.

4.    OzBargain:


Australian based website provides platform to their members for frequent forum posts. Main reason to prefer this site is that here you’ll find specific featured IOS/Android app catchy best deals highly rated by members. Also have deals other than Australia with free shipping.

5.    RetailMeNot:


RetailMeNot is a website that assists you with coupon codes. These coupon help you to shop online and also you can check discount prices by entering coupons code in system even before making payment for your product.

6.    Slickdeals:


Slickdeals is a best place to get deals, here members posts various deals and also discuss every deal comparing and mentioning every deal from different websites. Slickdeals basically provide deals on computer linked hardware’s, traveling and discounts on various clothing brands.

7.    Groupon:


One of the most popular site available in &outside of USA is Groupon. This site gets updated after every few dys and gives you a wide range of different discounted features to choose and shop from.

8.    HotUKDeals:


HotUKDeals is a site in UK where community of people share deals with other’s in UK. Here you’ll find hottest deals which are highly rated by community members then those deals are featured on main page. For those who are not in UK can find deals on Amazon and also have mobile apps for iOS  & Android.

9.    FreeShipping:


This site offers you to look and select better options. FreeShipping covers 4000 online stores and gives you wide range of categorized features. These categorized features are updated on daily basis. There are some featured coupon codes or sites which offers you free shipping.

10.    Deals2Buy:


The main focus of this website is mainly on technical gadgets like laptops, computers, Mp3 players and smartphone deals. First basic page of website is filled with all the latest discounts on popular brands of hardware tech. These deals are taken off from all the other websites and retailers online.

Loans -A Little Know-How about Loans and Types of Loans:


Loans are of various types with different Specifications, Limitations and Clauses. If we simply define loan we can say that loan is an amount/anything which you lend to someone who needs that particular thing/money and agree to return it back in due time by fulfilling all limitations, criteria & specific rate of interest defined by the lender. Loans on one side is a backbone to anyone who is master of monetary activity. Loans are like blessing for those who wants to purchase anything but can’t purchase due to limited amount of funds. Any financial organization, bank or individual can provide you loan, as it’s a liability and you have to repay.

While writing this I realized that some people are unfamiliar to loans and their types. It’s quite surprising when someone who are good with numbers ask seemingly elementary questions but it’s not a big issue now, as this whole topic refreshes your knowledge providing answers to your elementary questions. You may know about different debt vehicles or types of loans but in actual are you aware of their inherent features? If you are not then just continue your journey of reading with us to know about loan and its all types including their features and working strategies.

1.    Open-Ended Loans:

Loans you requests to borrow again and again are Open-Ended Loans. All lines of Credit and Credit Cards are extensively used and very basic simple type of Open-Ended Loans. When you borrow this loan you are allow to purchase within pre-defined credit limit. Whenever you purchase your available credit limit reduces until you pay, results in a raise to your available credit limit granting a permission to use your current credit card again and again.

2.    Closed-Ended Loans:

Closed-Ended loans are such type of loans which you can’t request to borrow again and again easily. In Closed-Ended Loans its must to repay all amount by the end of decided time span and date. Repaying fulfills all the limitations and clauses mainly include interest and financial charges pre-defined in the credit agreement which borrower willingly signed. Common types of Closed-Ended Loans are Mortgage Loans, Auto Loans and Student Loans.

3.    Secured Loans:

In this type of Loan burrower agrees to pay back and also provides security (an asset, property, or anything) which borrower possesses and which also have worth to be given as security. This type of Loans are quite safe for Lenders because in case burrower is not in a position to pay back (all sum of money/or a little sum left) lender have all rights to overtake borrower’s possession which was provided as security.

4.    Un-Secured Loans:

Un-Secured loans are loans with high risk factors as burrower provides no security while asking for loan. Lender gives loan with quite high rate of interest to borrower as compared to other types of loans. Lender is not secured only plus in this loan is that if burrower fails to payback loan then lender can take action or rightfully sue borrower.

5.    Conventional Loans:

Conventional Loans can also be known by a term Mortgage Loans. These loans are uninsured by any Government agency (Federal Housing Agency, Rural Housing Service or Veterans Administration). They are conforming loans, as they follow guide lines by fulfilling funding criteria defined by Banks and Government Sponsored Enterprises (Fannie Mae& Freddie Mac).

6.    Un-Conventional Loans:

These loans are also referred as non-conforming loans which fails to fulfill funding criteria defined by Banks or any Government Sponsored Enterprises. Such types of loans are usually funded by hard money lenders or private institutions. On large scale real-estate loans are approved as non-conforming loans because in this case burrower’s financial status or property fails to fulfill pre-set scale of Banks or Government Sponsored Enterprises and due to this reason private money flexibility allows funding on deals at extensive range.

7.    Demand Loans:

Loans without any pre-defined clauses, limitations mainly without any pre-set condition of time duration of repaying to lender. Lender can demand his loan from burrower whenever they want that’s why they are also called as Money at loan or Call Loans. In this category of loan the rate of interest is floating which clearly helps us to understand ‘Demand Loans’ because all limitations, clauses depends basically on demand& will of lender.

8.    Short-Term Loans:

Short-Term loans are such loans in lender approves a small amount of money and burrower has to payback it back within time span of three years.

9.    Long-Term Loans:

Long-Term refer to loans that are granted for long time period, more than three years. This type of loans are given for large sum of money thus resulting in repaying of loan in slow &long time period. If we compare rate of interest of long-term loans with the short-term loans we’ll come to know that apparently rate of interest in long-term loans is less than the one in short-term but if we talk about fact& figures by calculating all the interest paid from start till end of the long-term loans we’ll know that they have higher rate of interest than short-term loans.

Mobile Phones- Another Gateway to the Magical World of Technology:

Mobile phones are such communication devices that are capable to access cellular radio system without a connection to any physical network covering wide range of areas. Mobile phones now hold quite important place in our lives. They are Famous &Popular due to their easy accessible range, far better design with latest smart and unique technologies. Earlier Mobile phones didn’t look like this, there design, technology was quite different and wasn’t easily accessible.
Let’s dig deep in past to know all about evolution of mobile phones. How this technology got so much popularity? How expensive, heavy designed mobile phones changed into one which are quite smart, cheap with unique and better specifications. It’s all about the rapid change in history of mobile phones, changing of heavy huge mobiles into catchy smartphones we are using now. We’ll get an over view all from the evolution of vintage cellular radio technology to the Modern Mobile Computing technology.

1.    1956, Mobile Telephone System:


In 1930’s travelers can make phone calls from ocean liners just to the mid of Atlantic Ocean and process was carried by Marine VHF radio which was quite expensive in use later in 1956, first automated mobile phone was made for vehicles in Sweden known as Mobile Telephone System A(MTA). By using this now calls can received and made in cars with usage of public telephone network.

2.    1973, First Prototype Portable Radio Mobile Phones:


Martin Cooper a researcher in Motorola invented first Portable prototype radio cell phone on 3rd April 1973. It was the first cell phone to come in hands before they were attached to cars. This cell phone requires 10 hours to re-charge, provide only 30 minutes of talk time.

3.    1983, Evolution of Practical Mobile Phone:


In 1983, designers of Motorola designed Motorola Dyna TAC (Dynamic Total Area Coverage) turning their vision into practical mobile phones. Later FCC approved this heavy handy equipment which got popularity in media& public as ‘The Brick’ having 30 circuits inside.

4.    1986, Mobiles to keep in Pocket:


A company ‘Technophone’ was formed in 1984 by Nils Martensson a radio engineer. His dream was to change that brick type cell phone. He worked on that and designed a cell phone ‘Technophone EXCELL PC105T’ first phone to keep in pockets. Mobile was presented publically in 1986, and was sold for £1990.

5.    1989, Motorola Micro TAC:


Motorola released an analogue mobile phone ’Motorola Micro TAC’ on 25th April, 1989 which was smaller and light in weight with a feature of Flip-open mouth piece. This mobile phone became desire of every wealthy man and was sold for $3000.

6.    1992, First GSM Hand Portable Mobile:


Nokia presented their first GSM hand portable mobile (Nokia 1011) on 10th November, 1992. It was black in color with extendable antenna, monochrome display and holds 99 phone numbers in their memory.

7.    1993, First Mobiles with 1800 MHz:


In 1993 mobile phones were on actual move as they were featured with license of new cellular radio networks at 1800 MHz allowing other competitors to come in market. Motorola m3oo & Siemens m200 were the first low cost ordinary cell to operate more than 1 MHz to 1800 MHz and also as a bridge to roam across Atlantic Ocean.

8.    1994, Nokia 2100:


Nokia 2100 was the first Nokia phone with its own musical ring tone known as Nokia Tune. A change for Mobile phone industry and its users.

9.    1995, Mobile Phones becoming a Craze:


Mobile phones in 1995 were quite large with long antennas, a bit similar to cordless phones. If we compare them with the ones that are now in use they’ll look quite odd to.

10.    1996, Mobile Phones with Better& Modified design:


Mobile phones are now with better specifications, upgraded features and modified design. Nokia 9000 became quite popular due to its short antenna and better features, compared to the previous ones.

11.    1997, Mobile Phones without Antennas:


In 1997 Telco AT&T presented a mobile phone without antenna modifying its design and specifications. They introduced cells with internal antennas and improved display.

12.    1998, Cell Phones in Vibrant Colors:


In 1988, Nokia 5110 was launched in market in many vibrant colors, giving their users a choice to select a mobile of their favorite color other than black.

13.    1999, Mobile Phones with better Graphics:


Mobile phones with better graphics and internal antennas were launched in 1999, Nokia 3210 was more featured with compact look in different colors than other mobiles in market.

14.    2000, First Mobile with Touch Screen:


In 2000 Motorola presented world’s first mobile with black and white touch screen. It was just an opening to a new world of technology giving quite an easy access to better defined features. It immediately becomes desire of every mobile user.

15.    2001, First Monochromatic Display Cell Phone:


Nokia 8250 was launched in 2001 with a feature of different color display background other than the ordinary grey background. It was the first cell with monochromatic display.

16.    2002, Mobile Phones with Camera:


History of Mobile phone took quite a turn by taking an enhancing step towards technology. Nokia 7650 was first cell phone with camera and with full colors on display. It was a mobile with sliding mode and 0.3MP camera allow to capture picture of yours.

17.    2003, Mobile Phones without limitation of single screen:


In 2003 Samsung launched a mobile S300 without limitation of single screen. This mobile was designed in a way that it has a small screen outside on its cover to inform about coming text messages and calls with a big screen inside to perform other functions of cell and also you can send texts.

18.    2004, Slimmest Cell Phone :


Motorola presented Motorola V3 which was a quite slim phone with amazing looks& dual screen. It was definitely a classy cell of that time taking mobiles phones technology and design to a far better successful horizon.

19.    2005, First Walkman Phone:


Sony presented W800i in 2005, first Walkman phone of the world becoming a craze. It got quite popular because of its unique features, design and specially a great equipment to enjoy music any time with a supportive Memory stick.

20.    2006, Mobile Phones Becoming Stylish Gadgets:


In 2006, mobile phone designers started to design mobiles according to preferences of users. Mobile phone now becoming more stylish and representing the preference of its owner. LG Chocolate is a perfect example of mobile phone designer’s stylish way of working.

21.    2007, First Phone with Operating System:


In 2007, Apple Inc. presented their Apple iPhone. First smartphone in the world with Operating System with great applications and touch screen with better display. Cell phones becoming quite a common device to use whereas iPhone was desire of every wealthy person.

22.    2008, Mobile phones Running on Android OS:


In 2008, HTC launched HTC G1, a sliding cell phone with QWERTY keyboard under its screen running on Androids operating system. A mobile which you can also use for your official work.

23.    2009, Mobile Phones with Higher Resolution and Advance Features:


Motorola presented their Motorola Milestone in 2009, a touchscreen phone with better advance specifications, better display resolution& performance and runs on Android OS.

24.    2010, Backflip Mobile Phones:


Motorola designed Motorola Backflip mobiles giving their users an easy access to flip screen of their cell on back making them to do their work quite easily as they like. Surely it was a great change in history of Mobile Phones.

25.    2011, Mobile Phones with Web and Built-In GPS:


Samsung Galaxy S II a cell phone with all applications& features a user desires for. It runs on Android OS with calls and inner Built-In GPS, Web Browsing, Touch screen with catchy display and a phone with durable hardware.

26.    2012, Windows Mobile Phones:


In 2012, Nokia launched Nokia Lumia 800, running on Android OS with feature of windows7 inside. Mobile Phones technology took rapid change entering in a better and smart zone of technology and fulfilling requirements of its users.

27.    2013, Tablet a Mobile Computer:


Mobile phone designers now target tablets instead of smartphones or mobiles as tablets are a form of computer only without mouse and keyboard with all advance features of windows running on Androids OS with advance features installed. It allows its users to connect and roam whenever and wherever they want. Tablets have large touchscreen display with catchy graphics.

Software -An Important Tool To Easily Interact With Hardware of System& Its related Devices:

Software is a major tool for computer or devices related to them, as whole functionality of devices depends on the interaction of their hardware and software. Software and Hardware both are dependent on each other they actually can’t be used without the support of each other. A common term for different programs that operate computer and related devices. Software is non-tangible element of computer. Software or computer software can be called as computer programs. Computer Software consists of all computer programs except their architecture as it shares similar properties: software contains set of pre-defined instructions and on execution orders hardware to perform operations for which they are designed.
Software’s are of various types, helping many system& devices to perform and execute their operations on daily basis. We are going to have a look on some major types of software’s.

1.    System Software:

System software’s help hardware and computer system to perform their operations and execute them properly. System software’s are directly linked to Operating system, Device Drivers, Servers, Windowing System and Utilities. System software basically drives and abstract application programmer away from hardware, inner complexities of computer and memory. Operating System is a platform to execute higher-level programs. Operating system is a major and important type of System software. Hardware basically performs due to Firmware and BIOS.

2.    Application Software:

Application Software’s provide their end users a platform to perform various specific tasks, as they are also known as software package due to their this design and functionality. Application Software is categorized in further two major categories Custom-Built Software & Packaged Software. Custom-Built Application Software include Business, Databases and educational software’s as they are designed and built for specific person or organization while Packaged Software’s include various word processors  which are designed for specific tasks performed by users. Package software’s include many application software’s that’s why named as packaged software’s.

3.    Program Software:

Computer’s quite known and highly demanded software is Programming Software. These software’s are designed as tools to help computer programmers to write a computer program. Computer Programs are designed to perform specific tasks as their working depends on pre-defined set of logical instructions. Programmers define codes that instruct computer system to perform specific tasks with the help of tools consist of text editors, compilers, linkers and interpreters. Text Editors edits plain text taken from available software packages and OS for changing their configuration files and programming language source codes, Compilers translate programming language source code mostly in binary form as computers can easily understand this language, Linkers combine these objects of compilers in single executable program, Debuggers debug source code by ensuring &making them bug free and lastly Interpreters execute these instructions direct in programming language making them to perform their defined tasks.

4.    Malware:

Malware is a wide category of software which means any malicious software basically a threat to computer security. Some known malwares are Adware, Spyware, Computer Viruses, Worms, Trojan Horses and Scareware. Computer viruses can spread through one computer to another through network or internet so it’s a malicious program. Computer Worms are also a threat as they need a host program not just a program to spread. Torjans are capable of stealing information by replicating themselves. Spywares work like a spy, as it steals every little information of user without their knowledge& consent.

5.    Adware:

A software that allows computer to play and download Advertisements. Programmer’s basic purpose to design Adware is to generate revenue. This tool store information of user that which site user visits frequently and which sites or pages user mostly like to visit. Adware can easily tracks us due to the pop-ups that appears on screen as Advertisements. Adware is not a threat to computer security or privacy. They store information because they want to invite users to click on Advertisements.

6.    Inventory Management Software:

Software designed basically to help any organization to track and control quality and quantity of goods or materials generated. Inventory Management Software of Warehouses mainly focus in internal storage and movement of warehouses. Inventory Management Software plays a vital role in progress of any organization by managing production of inventories and optimizing flow of goods generated by company. Thus, leading company to organized and better customer service.

7.    Utility Software:

Utility Software basically manages application software and hardware of computer. They are also known as Service Routine. They are designed to perform limited small tasks. Disk Defragmenters, System Utilities and Virus scanners are some typical known examples of Utility Software.

8.    Data Backup & Recovery Software:

Recovery Perfect & Data Backup Software provide services & functionalities more than just copying of common simple data files. When user specify any data to be backed up this software supports user requirement by providing services accordingly. They preserves original data and when backup is required it simply grants permission to retrieve data.

Web 2.0 & Its Highly Ranked Worldwide Top 15 Web:

Web 2.0 a second generation of World Wide Web. A Platform to represent Immersive, Social and Rich User Experiences by giving them opportunity to share it online with other people in the world and also able to control your own data. Simply we can say that an application platform in a digital way to express yourself.
Here we are listing Top 15 web 2.0 websites of world by viewing them you’ll get an idea of how they are capable to work and capture attention of world by their catchy tacts and design.

1.    YouTube:


YouTube a popular and highly ranked video sharing web 2.0 site. Holding attention of unique monthly visitors of 1000,000,000. It allows its users to upload view & share video clips .

2.    Wikipedia:


Wikipedia largest multilingual translator with free collaborative content encyclopedia on internet. Wikipedia a fair share to good press above two million articles and still expanding as it holds attention of 475,000,000 estimated monthly visitors.

3.    Twitter:


A public social networking and limited blogging web 2.0 site. Twitter is one of the most visited website also known as ‘SMS’ of net, as it allows its users to ‘tweet’ (SMS with limited 140 characters). Attaining quite a market by having monthly visitors up to 310,000,000.

4.    WordPress:


Word Press a popular open free multi user & multi blogging tool top ranked blogging system used on web. Word Press is a web 2.0 site with friendly search engine and supports tagging of both posts and articles. Word Press having monthly visitors up to 240,000,000.

5.    Pinterest:


Pinterest is a personal media platform and a visual discovery tool where users can collect ideas for their different Projects & Interests by pinning them to their own boards while selecting ‘Pin it’ button. Pinterest is a web 2.0 site as here users not only pin down the things of their interests but also upload them. Pinterest have a strong place in market by having 150,000,000 users monthly.

6.    Craigslist:


A web 2.0 site with classified advertisements. In this website each group is categorized in a class. Sections of this website are devoted to advertisement of jobs, sales, personals, services, items discussion forums, community, resumes and paid works. A leading classifieds in any medium from traditional buy/sell ads to community announcements to personal ads with over 49.4 million monthly visitors just in US.

7.    Tumblr:


A site of social networking and microblogging by allowing its users to post limited multimedia content in small blogs. Websites feature can be accessed through ‘Dashboards’ where you have option to post or follow a blog. Tumblr holds attention of 110,000,000 monthly visitors by providing them a platform of tumble logging.

8.    IMDB:


Internet Movie Data Base an online site provides information of films, TV programs and video games. An open site for its users where anyone can request edit to update existing data where you can rate any movie however data is verified before going live. Here even celebrities can update their resumes with photos or any other data by paying a specific yearly fee. It holds quite a market of 90,000,000 visitors.

9.    Yelp:


A public site started with email service to recommend local business then expanding to social networking to discounts to features to mobile applications. This site also provides a search tool by which visitors can look for business reviews of companies that provide services and products they require. So capable to gain over 85,500,000 visitors monthly.

10.    Instagram:


A social networking site that provides platform to its users to take their pictures and videos then apply digital filters then share them on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Flickr. Instagram have upto 85,000,000 unique monthly visitors.

11.    Flickr:


A web service widely used by users who are in search of photos and also by bloggers so that they can host images to link them in blogs and then share it on social media. Simply we can say a catchy site to search, store, and share your photos publically. Over 65,000,000 users visit Flickr monthly making it a popular site.

12.    Wikia:


An open-source free of cost web hosting service allowing its users to publish their text under copyleft license. It covers wide range of topics and is suitable for general encyclopedia. It is quite useful for its users. Wikia have 64,00,000 monthly visitors.

13.    Imgur:


Imgur is a home for web’s most popular image content shared through commenting and voting by dedicated community. Imgur released its first created content tool and also public gallery known for its meme templates. This image hosting site have monthly visitors up to 60,000,000.

14.    eHow:


eHow have 17,000 articles with 5.8 million visitors in a month. It is a site of written articles with a set of instructions. Its articles and videos are created by freelancers covering every topic and organizing them in hierarchy of their category.

15.    Photobucket:


Photobucket is a web service for online community to host images and videos and then share them. Over 10 billion images are hosted by 100 million registered users and uploads about four million images and videos in a day. It is used for both business and personal purposes.

20 Monospaced Fonts for both Public & Commercial Usage:

Monospaced a Fixed pitched, Fix width font who’s each letter & character occupy same amount of horizontal space. Text written by using Monospaced font are quite easy to read as they are oddly consistent with uniformity. Monospaced fonts are also known as non-proportional which are quite easy to use as compared to Proportional font they have many plus points like you can quickly count amount of characters used in a line.
When choosing a font while designing web, a question can come in mind why should I select this font for my web? Answer to this is quite simple as many web designers, developers & programmers go for easy and quirky fonts so ‘Monospaced’ fonts are their first preference. Keeping this aspect in mind we are going to give you a view of selected 20 Monospaced fonts here.

1.    Ascender Fonts- Cousine:


2.   Paul D. Hunt’s Font- Source CodePro:


3.    David Waschbusch- Skyhook Mono:


4.    Mark Simonson Studio’s- Anonymous Pro:


5.    Yamaoka Yasuhiro’s- Telegrama Raw:


6.    Dejavu Font- Dejavu Sans:


7.    Gust e-foundry by TeXGyreCursor:


8.    SMeltery’s- Audimat Mono:


9.    GNU FreeFont- FreeMono:


10.    Open Source Publishing- NotCourierSans:


11.    Google Android’s- Droid Sans Mono:


12.    Vernon Adams- Oxygen Mono:


13.    Font Monkey’s- Tye Paloon Font:


14.    New Typography’s- Cutive Mono Font:


15.    Accademia di Belle Arti di Urbino- Lekton:


16.    Dalton Maag Ltd. ‘Ubuntu Mono’:


17.    Backpacker’s- BP mono:


18.    Liquitype’s- CP Mono Font:


19.    Red Hat’s- Liberation Mono:


20.    Paratype’s- PT Mono Font:


20 Smart & Light Artistic Fonts for Web Designers:

Web designing is quite an art and challenging at the same time, as selection of a Perfect Font with Color & Layout is quite necessary to develop classy artistic design and catch attention of user by the beauty of their work. When looking fonts specifically for web designing always look for smart fonts which are quite capable of space saving to use in minimalistic or flat design projects. Here are 20 smart& light fonts that can simply catch your eye while mesmerizing you by their beauty when used in any project of web designing.

1.    AAAARGH a classic font by Tup Wanders:


2.    Sequi- Free Font Style by Joao Andrade:


3.    Egg- Font by Vivien Bertin:


4.    TypeSETit font by Alex Brush:


5.    Aga Sliva’s font SkarpaLT:


6.    Lovers Quarrel by TypeSETit:


7.    Laura Pol’s Font Aroma:


8.    Mans Greback font by Europe Underground Light:


9.    Project Marmal- Font by Monika Kusheva:


10.    Foundary type FontFabric by Decar Free Font:


11.    Caviar Dreams by Lauren Thompson:


12: A Font Josefin Sans by Typemade:


13: Blue Vinyl Fonts by Print Clearly:


14: DK Sleepy Time by David Kherkhoff:


15:Kenji Enos Display by Locksmith:


16: Casady &Green’s Gatsby FLF:


17: Nixie One by Jovanny Lemond:


18: Cyreal Type Foundary by WireOne:



19: Leah Noah’s Font Existence Light:


20: American Greeting Corporation Font CAC Champagne: